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Locomotive 802 Delivery & Prelims

  Delivery: 802 arrives at Warwick Steam Railway Precinct 13th June 2019 First of all SDSR wishes to express our sincere gratitude to Mike Smith and his team, who took two trucks from their base at Woodenbong NSW up to Gympie to collect the locomotive and it’s tender. This took two days with an overnight […]

Locomotive 802 History

  Type: C17 Imported: 1927 Builder: Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd. of Newcastle upon Tyne Builder’s Number & Year: 850:1927 Wheel Arrangement: 4-8-0 Number Built in Class: 227 No.802 is one of Queensland Government Railways’ highly successful C17 class 4-8-0 locomotives of which 227 units were constructed by a variety of builders between 1920 and […]

Water Tank

Built: 1887 Original location: Killarney Branch Capacity: 28,390 litres Dimensions: 5 m x 5 m Height: 9 m Built in 1887, the water tank is believed to be the original from Warwick’s first railway station (now known as Millhill). It was transferred to the new Warwick station in 1888. In 1912 the tank was dismantled and […]

Locomotive roundhouse

Built: 1912 Closed: 1970’s Capacity: Currently 4 restored (Originally 7 bays) The Loco Shed November 2019 The original seven bay part-roundhouse was built in 1912 and included seven inspection/ash pits, all with drainage. One of the roads had a wheel exchange pit and to the western side was a machine shop (allowing wheel repairs, and general […]

Locomotive turntable

Built: 1912 Capacity: Approx 110 t. Width: 17.8m Gauge: 1065mm gauge (3ft 6in) Built in 1912, the turntable is 17.8m long and can be operated by hand or with air. To operate by hand, there is a handle at one end of the turntable which in cranked. To operate by air, there is a hose […]

Cottonvale Station buildings

Opened: 1917 Closed: 1996 Original Location: Southern Line (Amiens Branch junction)   Cottonvale railway station was built in 1917 and was located 28 miles (45km) south of Warwick on the railway between Warwick and Stanthorpe. The station was named after Edward Cotton, a local orchardist who had also been employed at one time as a railway […]

Cottonvale Museum

A striking collection of railway memorabilia is housed in the former Cottonvale Station building to be found at the SDSR Precinct. Available to all visitors on our volunteer working days Wednesday & Thursday each week 8:00am to 2:00pm, email enquiries museum@downsexplorer.org.au The Inception – The SDSR obtained a quantity of artefacts following the end of […]


Fast Facts about the ‘Via Recta’ SURVEYED Via Recta 1885, Warwick – Maryvale May 1909 WORK STARTED 7th December 1909 OPENED 30th September 1911 CLOSED 1st November 1960 STATUS Via Recta Never Completed Fully Overview The line was surveyed from Warwick to Maryvale by Mr. Blackman in May 1909. Estimated cost to build the line […]

Carriage designations

A First Class B Second Class C Composite (both 1st and 2nd class accommodation) D Sleeper G Water wagon L Lavatory M Mail PARL Parlour car S Sleeper T Guards vans for goods trains U or X Suburban V Guards compartment with brake. And when you put the letters together for wooden carriages: AAS 1st […]

The Sydney Mail – 26 Up and 37 Down

The Sydney Mail for over 40 years was Queensland’s crack train, and it deserves a study on its own. With the opening of both gauges to the border, it began running with the following timetable: Southbound Northbound Stations Time Stations Time Brisbane dep 7.00 p.m. Sydney dep 5.20 p.m. Toowoomba a/d 12.25-35 a.m. Wallan-garra a/d […]