Built: 1887
Original location: Killarney Branch
Capacity: 28,390 litres
Dimensions: 5 m x 5 m
Height: 9 m

Built in 1887, the water tank is believed to be the original from Warwick’s first railway station (now known as Millhill). It was transferred to the new Warwick station in 1888.

In 1912 the tank was dismantled and replaced with two 24.4m tall round tanks that were built at the new locomotive depot at Warwick.

The original tank was then sent to Tannymorel on the Killarney Branch where it remained for the next 83 years. In 1964 the line to Tannymorel closed.

When the Warwick Railway Precinct was opened in 1995, the tank was ‘brought home’ to Warwick.

Drone inspection of tank November 2019. It has several bad cracks, but considering it’s age is in good condition.