Current Status: Leased to Texas & Inglewood Heritage Railway Society
Built: Original 1914 – SDSR replica 2003
Type: Panhard Levassor Rail Motor (12 seats in front + 20 seats in rear)
Weight: 25.9t
Length: 15.850m
Width: 2.665m
Gauge: 1,065mm gauge (3ft 6in)

The replica Panhard Levasor rail motor takes shape at Warwick.

The result of a project to build an authentic replica of a 1914 version of the Panhard Levassor using original plans produced by the Queensland Railway.

It is the intention that it will be used on the Hendon to Allora Branch line.

The railmotor has been an efficient means of moving passengers in regional areas throughout Queensland railway history. One of the earilest examples of railcar passengers travel was the 1918 Panhard Levassor.

Today the only complete original example is a static museum piece at Ipswch Railway Workshops. That particular railmotor saw service between Croydon and Normanton between 1918 and 1938.

Current Status: In operation
: 1958 (Comg-Eng)
Type: Diesel locomotive
Weight: 10 t
Length: 10 m
Gauge: 1,065 mm gauge (3ft 6in)

Com-Eng Diesel locomotive at Warwick Railway Precinct.

This 30 ton diesel locomotive was built in 1958 at Com-Eng, Rocklea, Brisbane and spent it’s working life at the Mackay Bulk Sugar Terminal. It originally had a Rolls Royce engine but this was replaced with the current Caterpillar engine in 1972.

The loco was purchased from the Mackay Bulk Sugar Terminal by the Southern Downs Steam Railway on 5 May 1999.

It is currently unsuitable for hauling a tourist train as it lacks an air braking system to operate the brakes on the carriages.