Carriage AU 739

Current Status: 100% Restored / Mainline Operational
Built: 1911
Retired: 1987
Type: Evan’s Suburban (80 First class seats)
Weight: 23.4t
Length: 15.360m
Width: 2.620m
Gauge: 1,065mm gauge (3ft 6in)

AU 739 in the shed at Warwick Railway Precinct.

Built in 1911 for the Brisbane suburban network, this style of carriage was known as the ‘Evan’s cars’ after the Railway Commissioner of the time. But some people preferred to call them ‘Dog boxes’.

AU 739 is a very special carriage in that it is the only surviving carriage from the train involved in Queensland’s worst train crash in 1947, the ‘Camp Mountain’ accident.

The complete history of this accident is available for reading in the Cotton Vale building.

AU 739 (right) in the 1947 Camp Mountain accident near Samford.

The carriage was retired from regular service in 1987, moved to Warwick in 2001.