Carriage BU 1262

Current Status: 100% Restored – Mainline operational
Built: 1937
Retired: 1986
Type: Evan’s Suburban (90 Economy seats)
Weight: 23.4t
Length: 15.360m
Width: 2.620m
Gauge: 1,065mm gauge (3ft 6in)

BU 1262 in the roundhouse at the Warwick Railway Precinct.

Completely restored to mainline operations in December 2008. It is a sister carriage to BU 1297 which work is yet to be started on.

The seats in this carriage have been cut back to allow a walkway down the length of the carriage. All the seats have been upholstered with original materials. Carpet has been laid and all the luggage racks have been restored to their polished brass state.

A compartment has been built at one end of the carriage to house a toilet.