Carriage BLH820

Current status: Operational – Leased from QR Heritage
Built: tbc
Retired: n/a
Type: 2nd Class carriage with Lavatory and Hostess Room (30 2nd Class seats)
Weight: 22.6t
Length: 16.200m
Width: 2.665m
Gauge: 1,065mm gauge (3ft 6in)

An inside view of one of the ‘Kuranda Cars’

This carriage is a current operational carriage owned by Qld Rail Heritage. It features a 30 seats, a side isle, hostess compartment, lavatory and end platforms.

Before coming to SDSR, it was part of Qld Rail’s Cairns Kuranda Scenic Rail fleet of carriages. SDSR has been extremely privileged to be able to use this carriage as a regular on it’s heritage services since 2009.